Monday, 29 October 2012

My holidays in Vendée

During my 2011 summer’s holidays, I was in “Vendée” with my family and the weather was rainy and I was not enjoyed. One day, we took our car for 2 hours and when we arrived to the “Puy du Fou”, the sun was shinning.


“Le puy du fou” contains lots of great attractions and some other little. We started with “Les Vickings”, that tells the story of the Vicking’s invasion in Vendée. It was very spectacular with fire effects and animals like buffalos, horses and boars…While we were waiting for the second show, we saw a little one with magician. At the end, we ran to have a sit in one arena. This arena was a place for a fight between animals and Christians who was persecuted by Romans. Indeed, the “Vendee” is a Christian region. Of course, nobody was hurt and the actors were perfect. After this spectacular show, we searched a restaurant to eat. We found it near the next spectacle. This next spectacle was “Le secret de la lance”, which tells about Marguerite and her lance that comes from Jeanne d’Arc. Marguerite has to defend her father’s castle. In this scene, there were lots of horses, acrobats and technical effects with castle moving through the scene. “Le secret de la lance” was not my favourite show. The last one “Le bal des oiseaux fantômes” was very spectacular. There were a lot of different birds, some big predatory which were very impressive for me, because I’m fascinated about predatory, their power, their speed, their good eyesight. At the beginning of this show, we saw some owl and a “Serpentaire” that we surname Kevin because of it’s likeness to the bird of the cartoon “At the top”. Then we saw a very terrifying vulture and a very big pelican. For the closing of the show all the birds flew all together at the same time, it was very beautiful and impressive.


This amusement park is my favourite because all the actors are volunteers and the shows are all great. I think thePuy du Fou” is more interesting thanDisney” orAsterix” due to a different kind of show. I recommend you.

Also, This park was awarded in the U.S.A. during the attraction expo 2011 with the more prestigious price: “Thea Classic Award”.

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  1. I agree Puy du Fou is a great place! I don't think anyone could go to the park and not enjoy all the shows that are on offer.