Monday, 26 November 2012

When I was ten years old, on April, I went to French Guyana with my parents.
The journey was very long: more than eight hours! but it is worth it!
A leatherback seaturtle
During this travel, a friend guided us and made discover wonderful things like a beach where the leatherback seaturtles ( who are the biggest turtles in the world!) come to lay in spring. So I was at their arrival which is very difficult: they must brave the waves before to dig a hole in sand. But their babies who are born are rare, indeed the dogs eat their eggs and the poachers steal their!
A sloth
Cacao's market
During a hiking, I have seen freely sloth in the tropical forest. It is really mind-blowing!
In French Guyana you can visit the base space of Kourou or Cacao,a Hmong village which shelter Laotian refugees and is lost in the forest.
But you can visit too the “Îles du Salut” which are three islands: the Royal island(the biggest), the Devil island(were Dreyfus “stayed”) and the Saint-Joseph island. Convicts lived in these islands but today nature overruns them. It's really special because you see wonderlands in a grim environment. Now these islands shelter French foreign legionnaires with some monkeys and agoutis to golden butt.
An agouti to golden butt
I enjoyed this travel, it is the beautiful one I never did! I hope you to have occasion to go to French Guyana, it is a very magical french country!

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