Monday, 24 December 2012

An article about karting (by Walid Zemry)

   An article about karting

1.      What is karting?

The karting is a sport where you drive a kart on a loop. Karts are like little cars with one seat and four small wheels. Karts have powerful engines which can reach 40 horses power .They are very fast machines.

2.      To start how to choose a good kart ?

If you want to buy your first kart you should be careful about several things.

At first: the price, if it's your first kart it's not necessary to pay a lot! To begin the better thing to do it's to be advised by an expert, according to your needs he will help you in your purchase.

Secondly, you don't begin with a powerful kart because it’s dangerous. You need to handle it and you may think to try a new one, faster.

When you buy a kart you should look if it's in a good shape because if you buy the wrong kart you may spend some extra money to repair it. 

Besides, your choice depends on your use: hobby or competition.  It’s not necessary to buy a kart at 10 000 euros because you can find a used one enough powerful which can procure you good sensations at 5 000 euros maximum for hobby and have some fun! 

To keep it a long time, you should look after it every 25 to 30 hours because they are fragile.
And now, do not hesitate, buy a kart and enjoy !

Walid Zemry - 2nde 1

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