Monday, 24 December 2012

The aquarium of La Rochelle by Manon Pignol

 The aquarium of La Rochelle


The aquarium of La Rochelle is an aquarium which is very known and excellent. He is situated in La Rochelle in Charente Maritime. I went in this aquarium during my holidays. And we decided to visit it. When we had paying, we go to a lift and when we go out of it, we pass in o transparent tube where float a lot of jellyfish. I think, it is this what my marked most, because I was surprised and I put waited not!! I had been afraid that the tube breaks!! 

Then I visited all of the aquarium. It was amazing! In a room, we could sit down on benches and look a lot of animals in the water and which was funny, it is when we approached the glass, and animals avoided us. There were sharks, tortoises, sea horses, fishes, jellyfishes…

Some species :

I really adored this aquarium and I advise it to you!! If you do not know where you go from your summer holidays, you can go in La Charente Maritime, more exactly in La Palmyre (it is not very far from Bordeaux and Nantes).

Open 365 days a year
Adult: 14, 50 €
Child from 3 to 17 years old (and students): 11 €

You will can visit the zoo of La Palmyre which is so very know!! The zoo and the aquarium are to be seen!! And La Charente Maritime is a little piece of heaven!!

The Zoo

I hope, now you want to go there low. I wish you a merry Christmas and a good year.

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