Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The young man show

The young man show is a show of Kev Adams.
Kev Adams is a boy 21 years old and he is an actor and an humorist. He start her career when he was 17/18 but all people knows it with the serie SODA it's teenagers upside in french.

This show is about the life of a teenagers and he tells a lot of story with his teachers, his parents and the relation boys/girls.

I like this show because he recounts our story and it's very funny specially skit with teachers.
In the room everyone loves the show and people around me was very nice.
Today he play his new show "test voila,voila" this show is about his generation and the life with friends and his hairs because he does't like it.

If you like humor you find this is attractive and enjoyable so look this.

Quentin Ragel 2°2

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