Monday, 30 September 2013

The Fashion Week

Since last wednesday ( 25th september ) The Fashion Week is in Paris ! A lot of creators of all around the world are there to show their news creations to all the Fashion Planet.

In 1943, in the USA , Eleanor Lambert, a famous advertising agent, created the first Fashion Week ( at the time ''The Press Week'' ) in New York to take Paris's place in the Fashion's world ( since ever, it is considerate as the World Fashion Capital ) and promote Americans Fashions creations. But it was very different than the actually Fashion Week, it was really more sectarian and only reserved to reporters.
Without Knowing it, Eleanor Lamber launch the most important date of all the time in the Fashion Calendar !

Today, The Fashion Week is an event where all the best fashion designers, creators, top models and a lot of celebities are gathered to celebrate Fashion.
There are fashion shows and exhibitions of famous pieces. Fashion addicts and bloggers from all around the world were very excited. Like every fashions fans during all the week they were looking for there icones like Karl Lagerferld
or the very young model but the most famous of this year Cara Delevigne.

My blow of heart was the Vivienne Westwood collection, because I love the offbeat side of her creations. There are maybe mud on her models's face, her dresses and her skirts are maybe very short, her necklines very pronouced but never she is vulgar.
Her clothes makes fun of the new generation, she explain just with a dress what she think about life and how she doesn't care about what people think.

But I love the more ''normals'' collections too like the Isabel Marant one, who is for me THE QUEEN OF THE SHOES !!!! 

The Olympia Le Tan's collection which gives the impression of boarding a fantastic cruise. 

My favourite simple collection is the Vanessa Bruno one, made of printed colors blades showing the nonchalance of her collection, who give to it the simplicity that we need in this fashion week.

« If a woman is badly dress, you notice her dress. But if she is impecabbly dressed, she is one notices. »                                                                                                                   Coco Chanel

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