Sunday, 13 October 2013


In a few weeks, we will celebrate HALLOWEEN. I like celebrating this event because it's the funniest ! Everyone is afraid and someone make jokes ! And especially, I eat a lot of sweets !!!

  • What is it ?

A legend told that formerly, a man named Jack lived in Irland.

He was very stingy and naughty. One day, he drank a lot of beer and he met the devil who wanted to take him in the hell. Jack invited him to drink some beer but he was so stingy so he wouldn't pay.The devil turned into a gold coin. Jack picked it up and put it in his pocket: the devil was his prisoner !

Jack freed the devil against the promise he never takes him in the hell. When Jack died, he went to heaven but no one wanted him because he was a bad man. So he went to hell but the devil reminded him of his promise and, he refused him. He gave him an ember.

Jack put his ember in a hollow turnip to illuminate his path. The legend says that he still walk with his lantern and he looks for a place to stay.

Since that day, children make lanterns except that the turnips are changed in pumpkins. Then children go to the streets and they shout : "Trick or treat".

  • The disguises   

You can disguise yourself as you want but it must be the scariest ! Many people are disguised as a witch, a pumpkin, a gosht, a pirate ... 

Moreover, you can make up yourself. Some are so dreadful with their makeup ! 



Makeup ideas 

  • The houses:

Houses should be decorate like manors to create a scary atmosphere.

ideas for outside decorations  
ideas for indoor decorations  

A tipical Halloween's night:


To have lots of halloween's ideas, click here



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