Monday, 28 October 2013

Leonarda Dibrani 

Hello, today I would like to speak to you about the history of Léonarda Dibrani.

 It is young a 15 year old teenager who followed studies to France close to Pontarlier.  It was victim with its family of an expulsion towards her country of origin: Kosovo

The family of Léonarda lived in a housing dedicated to the asylum-seekers.
Very to begin on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 when two police officers took along  Leonarda then which was at school exit. The professors are surprised and will denounce on Internet that are inhuman methods in spite of a good integration of the pupil in the establishment.
 The prefecture specifies that there were not other means wich expulsion because the family would have used all the possible administrative recourse. 

The expulsion of the young girl, caused the angerof the high-school pupils and they  expressed so that Léonarda return to continue its studies in France. Its history caused a great political andmedia conflict: Right of the ground from abroad.

 Continuation has its various conflicts, the president proposed in Léonarda to return to France, without its family, to continue her studies. The young girl refused.
I really think that this history is sad.  I am not  a green with his expulsion. To date the problem of Léonarda and the political debate are still not solved. I hope that this family with out will leave and that one will stop expelled by the children who are   not  responsible  for  the  decisions  and  the  choice of their parents.


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