Wednesday, 2 October 2013



Today, I would like to talk to you of my favourite american serie: "Revenge".

"Revenge", it's the history of Amanda Clark. When she was a child, her father was emprisonned for the crash of the flight 997. But it's a treason of the Grayson family. The grayson (Victoria and Conrad were married and Daniel and Charlotte were the child of Victoria an Conrad) was a powerful family. When she had 18 years old, Nolan Ross, given to Amanda a box with a note book and Inside, he wrote the names of the peoples who participated of the lie. She take a another name "Emily Thorne". She come back to the Hamptons to made her revenge.

I have discover "revenge" on TF1 but I saw just 2 épisodes and few months ago I look the second season on the TV but I haven't look the fist season. And now I am addicted of this story because it's a good serie. Now, I look the third season but for the moment there at the first episode. I discover on this serie the sign of infinity:

and this is "revenge":


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