Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The body language

I would like to speak about the body language;

1.What is it?

The body language is when your body is speaking instead of you.
Your body is making movements that you can or not control.
Everything your body does mean something and it make sense in every situation.

2.How to understand the body language:

There are many meanings of the body language:

A.The hand language (one of the most current):
 When your hand are in your back it means that you're passive or relax.
 When your fingers are taping really fast on something, it means that you're nervous or you're not interested by something that someone talks about.
 When you're making doodles it probably means that you have got stress or you're uncomfortable.
 When you're fiddling with your hair, it means that you're interested by someone/something or you're hesitating or you're bored.

B. The look language (the most current)
 When you're looking up, it means that you have got stress or you confess that you cheated.
 When you're looking down, it means that you're not motivated or you're avoid somebody's look or you're shy.
 When you're looking in the eyes, it means that you're trusting the person in front of you, or you agree with her or you're listening attentively what this person is saying.
 When your pupils dilate it means that you're interested or you've got positives feelings, when they rectract, it means that you're lying, afraid or angry.
 You can also smile with your eyes.

C. The head language
  When you  furrow your forehead, you're worried.
 When you're smiling it means that you're happy or you agree with somebody.
 When you're nibbling your lips, you feel uncomfortable, nervous or you're possibly attracted.

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