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The boxing  was created at the Olympic Games in 1964 by the Japanese. Boxing  is a sport in which two competitors from the same weight try to hit each other.In boxing there is a minimum of 3 rounds with 1-minute rest periods between rounds In all the game, however, winners are determined either by a decision of by the judges (who marks the hit points or round victor on a scorecard as the fight progresses)or by a knockout( it’s when one rival is sent to the floor by a hit and cannot get up within 10 seconds)

there is many kinds of boxing but the famous ones are:

the target to reach in boxing are the bust and the face
 the muay-thaï  in which you can use elbows, knees, punches, and kicks, on the other side in kick boxing you can just use punches and kicks and in the boxing you use just punch etc...
the target to reach are the bust and the face 

 In boxing the equipments are:


mouth guards  


and in the end here you can see different kind of knockout:( the video start a 0:58 s)



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