Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Presentation of Gravity a movie of Alfonso Cuaron


Last tuesday I went to see Gravity, it's a science fiction movie in the space. Georges Clooney plays Matt Kowalski and Sandra Bullock role Ryan Stone The heroin, Ryan is a expertin medical engineering. She is in the space in the Explorer, the space shuttle.
At the beginning, three astronaut are in outing to repair Explorer but the earth warn them about Russian fragment satellite who head towars them. The fragments destroy the Explorer.

Matt and Ryan are the alone survivor. And when we see the dead women I was afraid! She is dead because she doesn't wear her overall, she dead with the cold. I think it's painful! It's an other dead who I think it was not painful but she is very horrible! The man lose his half head because of a fragment!

After Matt and Ryan try to go at an other space shuttle to return at the earth. They speak and Ryan reveal at Matt that his daughter is dead because an stupid accident and that since she loses the taste of life. This moment is very sad. I think this moment it's very important because she never talks about this. And she thinks that she will dies. I haven't cry but almost.

When they arrive at the space shuttle, Ryan succeed at hold on at the shuttle but Matt can't do that. Stone hold him but Matt prefer dead alone that dead with Stone. He detach him and save Ryan.

Ryan and Matt are attach at the shuttle                                      Matt detach him.

At next she has to resist at many incident. I was scary for her because the fragments come back again and again. But I think that moment it's too much repetitive. She goes at an other shuttle, the fragments arrive, she leaves again an other shuttle ect...

At the end she succeed to return at earth with an Soyouz (clic here to know what is it  http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyouz_(v%C3%A9hicule_spatial))

Her capsule was burning, the temperature is hight and finally she falls in the water. She has difficulty in doing remove her overall and she almost drowns. She succeds to pull up the water and she walks on the sand.

I like very much this movie. We can see wonderful shot of earth.

                              At the day

An aurora borealis

                                                                                                                    At the night

It's very realist, I believe that I'm in the space with Ryan and Matt! I see it in 3D so is better.
To sum up this movie is very realist and beautiful but it's repetitive!

I guide you to see it!

Sarah Favre 2nd1

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