Sunday, 24 November 2013

"La Roue de Secours"

I’m going to present the association which I help. Its name is “La Roue de Secours” it’s an association in India which helps untouchable children to go to school, to have new clothes , to buy the uniform, The association rent 3 school buses per year…The villages are  around Agra in the north of India . The association was created in 1993 by my godfather , his mother and his brother . They started with few children and now there are more than 250.

The association, with the money we gave, gives some food for the family, they can go to the doctor and the doctor teaches to the mother or the father of the children the exact quantity of drug and frequency of them, because most parents are analphabet. 

In the morning around 7:00 am “La Roue de Secours” provides buffalo milk to the children so they can have morning breakfast.  

When I was in my college, we organized selling of cakes. The money that we collected was sent for two girls who we sponsored, to buy some clothes and school supplies.

 The map of India
 At 7:00 am , the buffalo milk distribution

 Among the pupil , there is Annie Poulain who is the president of the association.

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