Monday, 25 November 2013

My trip to Vienna

Hi everybody ! Today, I want to talk to you about a great city : Vienna.

During the Autumn holidays, I went to Vienna, in Austria, to meet my godfather and his family. I visited a lot of things and discovered a wonderful city. I was there for a week.

I saw some monuments : the large town hall which is very impressing with its lights and its setting, some museums like "das Albertina Museum" with its steps that I found very strange the first time I saw it or "das Kunsthistorisches Museum" which is an art gallery and where I was bored myself a little.

The steps of the Albertina

I walked in "der Prater" which is the largest park in Vienna. I ate in the restaurant "Das Schweizerhaus" there and if you go to Vienna one day, you should stop here because it's delicious !

The entry of the park 

Since I talk about food, I taste specialities like "der Apfelstrudel" which I liked very much because there are apples and sugar and "die Sachertorte" which is like a chocolate cake with more sugar and bitter chocolate so I didn't like it because it was too heavy for me !

        An "Apfelstrudel"                                                A "Sachertorte"

I also went to see an ice hockey match : it was Vienna against Innsbruck (an other Austrian town). That was awesome because there was an incredible atmosphere !
The fans of Vienna

Vienna isn't a very large city but there's a lot of things to do or to visit there and when I came back I was very tired but very happy !


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