Sunday, 3 November 2013


Hello I will present Lisbon.Lisbon is the capitalof portugal.It is by the sea and the Tage.There is many monuments to visit... I actually present a small list:
-The monastery of Belem which is a very old build and he is very visited by tourists.
-The tower of belem who has a beautiful view over the Tage.In the middle age they turned the prisoner until the Tage drown them.
-The castle St Georges which is visible from the city and he overlooking the city.
-The aquarium which is one of the largest in europa.
-The city of Sintra.It is a city where the Portuguese ,at the time, loved to walk to relax.Today it is especially the luxury house which interest the tourists.
 That is a general view of lisbon.

 That is one of the palace of sintra (the more famous)


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