Monday, 4 November 2013

How to Skate - The basics

For learn how to skate, you have, in first, to make a good equipement :
- a basic skateboard
- a pair of shoes
- a helmet

When you have this equipement you can start the tutorial. Enjoy ;)

1 - In first, i'm going to learn you how to speed up :)

The basic configuration is the « REGULAR CONFIGURATION ». In this configuration, you have to put your left foot on the front of the board, after this , you have to have some balance and you push a lot with your right foot. When you have speed, you put your right foot on the back of the board, and stay stable !

It's important to have your weight forward ! If you haven't, it's the fall …

2 – In the second time, how to slow down

In the regular configuration, for slow down you have to put your right foot on the ground. It's the more simple mode to slow down in skate...

For finish this tutorial, this is a video of longboard, an other type of skateboard ;) :

If you want an other tuto on the skateboard, you ask me what subjet would you want :)

By Mattéo Mulloni 2nd2

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