Sunday, 8 December 2013

Akram Khan, the famous dancer

Akram Ossain Khan is an english dancer  and a choreographer, his dance is contemporary dance with some base of classical kathak, a classical indian dance.

He is from Bangladesh but he was born in Wimbledon near London in England. He started to dance when he had 13 years old, and he joined a small company. After, he studied dance in a university. In 2000 he founded the Akram Khan Company. During his career he did collaboration with many famous people of dance and other like Juliette Binoche, Kylie Minogue or Anish Kapoor.
 Maybe you remember him if you have seen the opening ceremony of the olympics game in London.
 During this ceremony i've seen him for the first time and after I went to his show in Paris in the "théâtre de la ville", it was beautiful!
 I like him because when he dances he can do a mix of kathak dance and contemporary dance, i think it return that different af ordinary contemporary dance.

 During this show which names "DESH" , he talked about lots of subjects are touch of Bangladesh and he explained his history, when he began to dance and how his parents have reacted when he said that he wants to dance. This moment is funny because he used his atouts to imitate his father( he used his head ). This show was very poetic  when he explained the situation, and the history of bangladesh. At a moment Akhram khan told us a history of a little bangladeshi boy. I think it's like an autobiography but different of an ordinary biography because he relates his life throught his dance. He used many scene effects to produce that alive. Lasting this entertainment he dances alone. 

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