Monday, 9 December 2013


                                     I'm going to present my travel in Thaïlande.

 I went there last July, it touk11 hours to get there of plane his there length ! but in the plane i watched movies, reading and listening to some music.Finally i arrived on the island of puket i took a taxi to go to the hotel Baan Say that i you the consseille the rooms are in wooden huts at the edge of a big swimming pool the corner is very quiet.

Once to install in my room i went with my parents to rent a scooter. After we went to the beach, the water was blue transparante, landscape its so beautiful.Then in the daytimes which follow we have to visited the city. If like you the sport ? there is a club of Box Thai you can join it for one hour or one wees your choice,the courts are really interesting. If as me you are a crazy of stores i consseille you to go on patong, have a lot of shops and everything is really cheap. To eat there is a very nice restaurant in rawai or you can eat on the ground by the sea . There is also the zoo ,you can took a picture with a tiger, The big bouda stayed away the place of faith of thailandé. The thailande is a brilliant country take two, three T-shirts a pair of shorts and flip-flops and pack your suitcases direction Puket.

Baan Say:


The landscape and the sea:


Big Bouda:

Laura Obadia 2nd 1.

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