Monday, 9 December 2013

Hello Guys !!

Today I'm gonna to explain what is the real identity of ZOMBIES

first Zombies is a vaudou pratics !

the chaman buried alive someone and unearthed him 24 hours after and give to him a "magic potion" the people have forgotten all is humanity he is juste like a vegetable. 

Second Zombies is a horror bisness there first appearance is in "the night of the living dead" in 1968 a film by george romeroby the same realisator 10 years after "zombies" appears

after this two films Zombies are really present in film like "Warm bodies" but Zombies aren't like to live in just ONE world so they invade the music world with "thriller" the famous song of mickael jackson appaers in 1983 this song is a dance with living dead during 14 minutes with the voice of Vincent Price.

OOh I see you mean they stop here... well ....NO !!!

they invade the video games too  they are in the very very good game of "Resident evil" but this is a film too no ? but now on Wii U we have"Zombi U" !!! a good game too.We also have "Left 4 dead" a first person shooter and so many games and films with them !!

But zombies are everywhere !
Par exemple in comics like "the walking Dead" by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore/Charlie Adlard .
I thinks they're stop here but who's know what they can do when you sleep !!!

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