Tuesday, 24 December 2013


If you want to listen to your music  anytime, anywhere, I advise you the iPod of Apple.
The iPod family was created by Apple in October 23th, 2001.
Now there is 4 different iPod.

- The iPod shuffle : 
It is the smallest one. You can load 2Go of music in (about 600 songs). It is not a perfect iPod for a musiclover but It is easy to use for random listener. It is affordable for low budgets, you can get one for 55 €.

- The iPod nano :
It is an iPod multifunction. You can watch your pictures or movies with and also listen to the radio. It can be loaded 16Go of music in (about 3200 songs). This iPod is exclusively made for teenagers because of its reading capacity of music, pictures and movies. But, of course, the price is higher: 179 €.

- The iPod classic : 
This is the one which was made just for the music. You can load 160Go of music in (about 40 000 songs). It is very attractive too in black or grey. This iPod is for people who love and listen frequently to the music. Its price: 299 €.

- The iPod touch :
It is an iPhone which you cannot call, send SMS or MMS with. You can go online, take pictures or videos and download applications. You can load 16, 32 or 64Go of music, pictures, videos and applications  in. It is the perfect iPod for everyone. Price : 16Go: 249 €   32Go : 329 €    64Go : 449 €

The perfect iPod does not exist. 

It depends how perfectly you use It!


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