Monday, 23 December 2013


Barathi who means " in search of the light " in Hindi is an Indian musical show, seen by more than one and a half million spectators. It is a wonderful travel through all the culture, the dance and the Indian traditions. It stages 70 dancers, musicians, singers and acrobats dressed in more than 1000 suits of the various Indian regions. This show stages an impossible love story between the beautiful barathi and Siddartha. It is a kind of roméo and juliette story but in the Indian sauce, deserving a biggest successes of bollywood. Discovering india needs much more time and barathi makes it possible just in one show.

The main actress is called Bhavna. She is 23 years old. She became famous thanks to this role.

This show has requested five years of preparation to build a show, I would say a trip around India. In this show the most popular songs of bollywood are summared.
That story is clear, there is a narrator who tells the story. this is the only one who speaks .Every other characters speak with the body and dance.
Here is a summary of the show

I was lucky to have been present at this wonderful show two years ago and i loved it.


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