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My trip to Alsace and Germany

I went to Alsace and Germany to celebrate Christmas. I mostly watched Christmas markets.

Here, it's my itinerary














First, I went to Gérardmer

Gérardmer is a town which is not interessant when it's winter. You can stay there when you go skiing but ski slopes are far from the city.
In summer, you can go rowing, walk around the mere, walk in the streets and this is a very cute town. 
I can't tell you more because I only stayed for half a day. 
Tourism in Gérardmer


Then, I headed to La Bresse

In winter, La Bresse is a cozy little ski resort. I think, this is a city where the atmosphere is welcoming. 
It was expected that I ski on La Bresse's area, named La Bresse Hohneck, but there was unfortunately not enough snow. 

La Bresse Hohneck's site  

As there was not enough snow, I went to Freiburg

I don't speak German very well so it was difficult for me to ask someone my way to go to the Christmas market ! I could ask the question but I just understood a few words of their answers. But progressively, with a few words of each answer, I finally managed !!! 
I was surprised that Freiburg is like Alsace's cities: houses are the same ! Only two things change: the language and people's respect. I quickly noticed that the town was clean. There was no paper on the floor ! 
Freiburg's Christmas market is in the old town. It was beautiful but I don't think it's the most beautiful ! I think it was mostly a art's market unrelated to Christmas. I was disappointed. 

You'll see that houses are like Alsace's houses !

Back in France, I went to Riquewihr

I think Riquewihr  is the best Christmas market ! It's a typical Alsace's town. Decorations are so splendid ! 
But there was too many people !!! 

In Riquewihr, there is "La maison des sorcières". It's a store which only sells witches and wizards. Buyers can give them a name which will be marked on. 
Today, in Alsace, witches bring good luck:
In the seventeenth century, a young resident of Riquewihr, named of Mary WOLF, lived merrily with her husband. Her happiness did not last long because the war broke out and separated them.
Her husband, a soldier, was killed. Mary, through sorrow, lived recluse, with her ​​black cat. Therefore, villagers dubbed her "the witch". One evening, she was walking on the city's ramparts
, the enemies were terrorized by his sobs and fled in panic.
The Riquewihr's habitants declared that she's the benefactor and guardian of the city. The story spread in the region and since that day, every person, to protect themselves from evil, hanging near a window, facing outward, a witch. 



Tourism in Riquewihr

Then, I moved to the Hochkönigsburg

It's one of only castles greatly renovated. I believed at the knights' time !
Regrettably, I didn't take photos of the interior to show you. 
The view is splendid. You see the Rhine Valley and, from the tour guide, sometimes the Mont-Blanc. 
I advise you to go there one day !

If you want to see great photos  

Finally, I went to Strasbourg

I'm already gone there when I was little. I had kept a better memory. I think it's wonderful but too touristy. 
Especially this year, the Christmas tree was leaning ! Well done for "Christmas' capital" !!!

 However, I'm always amazed  when I look the decorations.

I also went around the city by boat. A recording explained the city's history. It was interesting but a little bit long. 

"La Maison des Tanneurs"

Tourism in Strasbourg

It was the end of my little trip ! I've described my impressions because you can find tourist's informations on sites which I inser. 

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