Thursday, 26 December 2013

How to play on a baby-foot.

Today I am going to teach you how to play on a baby-foot.

How to start.

To start to play you have to throw the ball against the wood of the table, and then the ball must be affected by two running backs before game. 
If the ball stop in the the middle of the players, and that you can't reach it. You have to throw the ball again.
The team that collected the goal gets the ball.

What is the Goal.

The goal is simple, you have to shoot the ball in the net of the other team.
You have to have ten points to win the game.

What you mustn't do.

It is forbidden to do wash bottle ( pissette ). There is wash bottle when one brand with the player closest to the handle on the bar of the attackers. This is forbidden, because we judge this too easy shot because there is a large "blind spot". ( I think that this rules is unfair because their isn't that much spaces to shot the ball.).

It is also forbidden to do rakes ( ratteaux ). There is rakes when you contently move your player from right to left. ( it is really annoying when the other players does some because when you will shot the ball it will be stop directly.)

From Victor Quesnel

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