Monday, 23 December 2013

"Valentine's day" the movie

Hi everybody! Today, I’m going to talk about “Valentine’s day” which is an American romantic comedy directed by Garry Marshall, who is a famous film director. He directed lots of movies like “Pretty Woman” or “Happy new year” which looks like “Valentine’s day”. The screenwriter is Katherine Fugate. “Valentine’s day” is a movie from New line Cinema’s studio. This movie lasts about119 minutes.    

In “Valentine’s day”, the actors who were chosen are celebrities. They’re the lead actors. We can name Taylor Swift who is a singer, Taylor Lautner who acted in Twilight, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway and Patrick Dempsey who acted in Grey’s anatomy.

Fights, kisses, marriage proposals, flowers which haven’t sent, surprises…
This comedy shows what happens on Valentine’s Day for American people living in one of the best places of the world, Los Angeles.

When I saw Valentine’s Day for the first time on TV, I fell in love of this movie. I’m a romantic comedies freak so I love this movie. I think it was a very good idea to shoot a movie with lots of famous actors because it’s more interesting and attractive. I love the couple Taylor Swift, who is one of my best singers, and Taylor Lautner who urged me to watch this movie because he’s very talented. In Valentine’s Day, we can see Los Angeles, the sunshine streets, the beautiful American houses, so it makes me dream. According to me, California is one of the best places to live in.

Thanks to this movie, I realize it’s very important to remember your friends or your family that you love them. I often forgot Valentine’s Day before watching this movie, but now I give some presents to people who I love.
Maybe the action films buffs can’t bear this movie because there’s no action. It was very funny when the actors fought between them. In this movie, ages of characters are very different that means everybody celebrates Valentine’s Day.
Teenagers who love romantic comedies just like me should watch this movie. It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

At the top of the film poster, we can see a catchy sentence which announces that the movie talks about love. In the middle, there is a big pink hurt, symbol of love and passion. There are actors’ pictures inside of it. They are smiling.  At the bottom, there are actors’ names. The girls’ names are in pink and the boys’ names are in blue. Then, we can see the big title Valentine’s Day in white. As the film poster is black, we can see more the pink and the white so the focus is on the big heart and the title. I think it was a good idea.
Finally, in the bottom right-hand corner, we can see the release date of the movie. In the USA, about five hundred thousand of people saw this film so it was successful.

Don't judge this movie before watching its trailer!  

I hope you like my article. Have a great holiday season!
Melissa S

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