Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Epiphany

 The Epiphany is a tradition in France.
It celebrates the arrival of the three kings in Bethléem.
This year, we're going to celebrate this event on the 5th of january.
The Epiphany is a pagan  custom.
Its origin comes from the Roman period or the Middle ages.
A charm is hidden in a cake.
The person who finds it has to wear a golden cardboard crown and she is the king or the queen of the day.
 This cake is made of puff pastry, filled whith almond cream.
In some region, this cake isn't filled and ins only covered with sugar.
In the south of France, it is cooked with candied fruits.
 Originally, the charm was a real bean, namely a leguminous.
Sometimes it used to be replaced by gold or silver coins. Nowadays, the charm is a plastic or porcelain figurine. Just before eating a child goes under the table and selects one piece of cake for each people.
I think that  this tradition shouldnt disappear, because I like this celebration and this cake, even if I don't go anymore under the table to decide who will eat this slice of cake.

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