Sunday, 5 January 2014


This year, on april 2014, I will go to Miami!
I'm verry happy!
MIAMI is located in USA, in FLORIDA.
FLORIDA, area of illusion and amusement parks does not only look like the wonderful world of walt disney.
FLORIDA is full of legends whith evocative names like Hemingway.
In addition, the weather is fine all around the year. This travel will be attractive and cultural.
After a nine hours flight and a time difference of 6 hours, I will see the beautiful beaches with palm trees and clear blue waters: Miam Beach!
I will visit the different districts of the city and among them the famous "art deco"  and "the fort lauderdale".
Miami is considered as the Venice of América!
I will discover wetlands in the Everglades National Park where I will be able to observe wildlife.
I will visit farm with alligators.
Then, I will go to the archipel keys.
It is composed of about one thousand of islands. The keys are located at the southern of the USA near Cuba.
I won't forget to go shopping in the famous "Outlet Factory" of Saw Grass Mills, the second largest on in usa: Branded intems with cheap price.
I thinck that it will be a fabulous travel!
See you soon for details!!

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