Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dead Space 3 ( a bloody video-game )

Information about the game :

It's me ! I miss you ?
this game was developped by EA and Visceral Games in 2013.
You can play this game on different platforms : Ps3, Xbox360 and PC . For m, it's the Ps3 ( the best ^^ )
Warning : It's a survival Horror, and normally it's forbidden for people under 18 years old ( Pegi 18 ) Of course I'm not 18 , but I  DON'T CARE  I love it !!! ( have a look on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxxajLWwzqY to listen to this song if you don't know it ) If you are sensitive , don't play at this game !

History :
In the first game, you are Isaac Clarke, a space ingeneer and you must repare the spaceship on which your wife is working, This spaceship stopped all its communications after having approached an unknown planet called Aegis 7. He, and his team , arrived  at the spaceship, but they crashed on it .... ( LOSER )
A Monolith
The team members died, killed by the necromorphs , non-identified  creatures , only Issac Clarke survived , but was contaminated by the creatures, and he became crazy ( to be simple , it's that ) : He  continues to see his wife , but she died one week ago ( GOOD VIBES )
I see you ... ( a necromorph )
I don't have to talk about Dead space 2 which isn't important to understand DS3.
In dead space 3 (the game I wanted to present,) you and your team have detected a strange planet where the monoliths probably come from .( EXPLICATION : Monoliths are the origin of necromorphs  ) and your mission in the game is to destroy all the monoliths

Have you a problem ?
Why do I love this game ?
First of all : This game is thrilling, because you can dismember  your ennemis to find ammos, you can also die at any time with a horrible and bloody end ( Mouhahah ( machiavellian laugh )).
Then, this game enables me to romp after a difficult and boring day at school ^^, and he can it makes me shout ( screamer ).
Finally, graphisms are rather beautiful and real ( especially the scene in space).
That's  beautiful and ... empty !
To conclude, I entice everybody who likes this sort of game into testing it , because it's just ENORMOUS  !

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