Sunday, 2 March 2014


The Pancakes party, february 2nd!


 Candlemas comes from the latin "candela" which means candle.

In the 5th century, this heathen party was replaced by a christian party, by pope Gelase.

According to the legend, the pope had offered pancakes to the pilgrims coming from Rome.

Pancakes also symbolize the sun and in the days which get longer from February 2nd.

Formerly, Pancakes were made with buckwheat. Wheat was only for the richest.

The customs

It is said that if we old a coin in the left hand when we toss the first pancake, we will have money throughout the year.

And if the pancakes falls correctly in the frying pan without being folded we will be happy all the year round.

I think that we don't shouldn't wait for candlemas to eat pancakes. We can eat them any time. They're so good!!!!
I love them with some chocolate.
What about you? Do you like pancakes too?

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