Saturday, 29 March 2014

Burgers in Paris ! ♥ ♥

Hi everyone,

I'd like to talk to you about Burgers in Paris.
Personnally, I often go shopping in Paris with my friends. But, when it's time to eat, we always looking for a place, where we can eating something great, cheap and FAST ! Like everyone, the first place where we think to go is MacDonald. But like everyone, we know that we can find something really great, for approximatly the same prices !
Also, I have tested some really great other fast foods.
My favourites ones are The Happy Days Dinner and The Blend.
The first one is an american 50's restaurant.

 There you can eating very nices burgers, like the Colorado Burger ( Chopped steak grilled XL demand, potato pancake, smoked bacon, Reblochon cheese, cream cheese. ) my favourite one, or the Avocado Burger ( Chopped steak grilled on demand, fresh avocado, cheese, guacamole sauce. ) And a lot of very very very nice other burgers ! 

And the french fries are fries with rosemary ! There, you can have delicious milkshakes, or cheese-cakes,but not like in a basic Starbuck's cofee, there are the best I have eat EVER! You can taste american drinks, like dr Pepper, dr Pepper Cherry or Welch's grape who are really fantastic !
When you eat there, you think you are like the characters of Grease, young, with nice meal, lot of friends, and earing Elvis !  ! ( ) It's really, really nice !
The second one is really different.
Every things in theire burgers is homemade. They chopped their beef themselves ! The bread is baked twice a day and everythings taste rally great ! They say it's a gourmet burger, andit's true !!
Last time I ate a burger with pickeld onions inside ! It was wonderful, yes, really wonderful !
And we can eat fried sweet potatoes !! 

Then, eat burgers in Paris ! 

I think this article as much excited me. I apologize in advance for the overflow of «  wonderfull » « great » « nice »...

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