Friday, 21 March 2014

Hip Hop

  Hip hop was born in United states, in the ghettos of New York in 1970s.
After, it spreads all over the world.

 Hip Hop has five disciplines:
* Rap
* Beat boxing (sound of mouth)
* Djing (Art of the Dj for mix records)
* Dance
Hip hop Dance is acrobatic. Many figures are made on the ground. They are called "Breakdance".
But there are also other dances when dancers fly in the air: The "locking" which is a dance of clowns and "the popping" which is the dance of robots.
* Graffiti

We can see them in the streets of many cities.
Graffiti are different from tags.
They are real work of art and require many hours of training.
They are made with spray.
These graffiti means a revolt for the artists.
 Hip hop arrived in France in the 80s but it was better know in the 90s with groups such as IAM or Mc Solaar.
Today many young people practise or listen to hip hop and I think that this style is going to develop.

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