Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My little paris

My little paris is a web site and an application on Smartphone. The aim is to inform about every goods and unusual ideas on privates sales, fashion, beauty, restaurants, bars, shows in Paris and all events not to be missed ! This application and this web site is  dedicated to everybody but above all to girls because it proposes full of beauty, fashion ideas and  three times per week they give « the touch of the day ». For instance, right now, the web site shows an article about a restaurant with zero flaw.

In this restaurant all is beautiful, the meal is delicious and the plates are gorgeously decorated with wild flowers and also it’s not really expensive.

My little Paris is the story of two sisters, Fany and Amandine, both studied marketing but with two differents talents and skills.
The brand comes from Fany, felt in love of Paris, who wanted to share with her friends the goods adresses for their party. The success is immediate : the fifty  friends connected on the web site become three hundred at the end of the first week, one thousand a month later and ten thousand after six months ! She decided to resigned of her job for creating the website « mylittleparis.com ». With zero knowledge and zero euro, they have been obliged to innovate. And it works ! fany decided to built the company « We had created an UFO, a new media with a demanding contents. Each article can be corrected until twenty time, every drawings  are made on paper, the brands are our guests, we adapte their publicity,… We offer magic moment ! « 
Fany will be CEO and Amandine the artist, the creative.

Fany decided to adress a wider population. My little paris is  also declined in big cities in France (My little Marseille, My little Lyon) and according to targets they want to conquer (My little kids, My little wedding). 


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