Sunday, 2 March 2014


A Nurse's Job

At the hospital,a nurse's job is doubtless the most known!

A nurse works with doctors and she must take care of patients

But besides the care she gives her patients, it seems important that she reassures them, that she listens to them, that she comfort them.
She must give them a psychological support.

No matter the place where she woorks!

A nurse must have a big physical and moral resistance.

She must have a very good health.

She has to remain watchful and available at any time of the day(and night)
Her working hours as well in the daytime as at night are not counted.
One day, i hope to be able to exercise this fascinathing job   

I think that it is a difficult job but it can bring a lot on the human side.

I think that  nurses are not enough and don't have enough time to listen and communicate whith their patients.

Why not hire more nurses so that they can assume their whole business without any problems?

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