Thursday, 1 May 2014

The NBA Playoffs

Hi everybody, today I'll talk about the NBA (National Basketball Association) Playoffs who taking place each year and currently.

The Playoffs are the last phases of NBA seasons. During these phases, the best teams of the league clash in a best-of-seven elimination tournament, where the winning team is crowned "NBA Champion" of the season.

The regular season (the rest of the season) above the Playoffs, used to perform a classification of the teams according to their divisions (Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Northwest, Pacific, Southwest) and conferences (Western Conference, Eastern Conference). Only 16 teams out of 30 will be qualify for the Playoffs.

The Playoffs happen in a particular way. The phases the Conference quarterfinals, Conference semifinals, and Conference finals are between conferences (East and West). And the Conference's Champions clash during the NBA Finals for the "NBA Champion" title.

This is the Larry O'Brien Trophy (The Champion's Trophy)

To me, the Playoffs are the best moments of the NBA season, the Playoffs show the real level of a team, they are intense moments...

This video is a trailer of the Oklahoma City Thunder for the NBA 2014 Playoffs

And this video a NBA Playoffs Backstages

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