Monday, 5 May 2014

Exercise for the 2nd 1

Choose between preterit or present perfect
1. Last summer I spent a nice afternoon with a friend; we ______________ (go) to the cinema, did some shopping and talked a lot.

2. I met my friend Jenny at university and we ______________    (remain) friends ever since.

3. It is late ! 11.00 pm !! By the way darling, I _______________
(buy) a new dress this morning.

4. Uncle Jimmy 
___________ _    (come) to stay with us last month; it was very nice.

5. Look at that man! He can't stand up because he
 ______________ _    (drink) too much champagne.

6. I
 ______________   (study) Philosophy for a few years and I think it is a real advantage in life. I'm still learning Philosophy.

7. That poor old man 
______________    (work) hard all his life (from 1953 to 1999). He feels miserable because he has no money left.

8. I have travelled a lot, but I 
______________   (never/be) to the USA.

9. He has worked hard for 3 years and he is proud because he 
_______________(pass) his exam.

10. Brazil ___________ (fail) building the stadiums. They can't host the world cup.

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