Tuesday, 3 June 2014

ultra music festival

                                                               Ultra Music Festival

Ultra music festival (UMF), very famous for people fan of electro music festival, happens every years in March at the public park of Bayfront in Miami downtown in Florida.

More than 160 000 people attend the show in Miami and 9,6 millions through the world for those who attend the shows which held, as well,  in more than 190 countries.

The event takes place for 2 days and is considered as the biggest party on the planet because more than 350 artists, famous for this kind of music, play music on 24 different stages (as AVICII, Skrillex…).

There are many ways to travel to UMF. The Festival is partnered with Super shuttle, a train which attendees can use to go the festival at cheap price to avoid the congestion of downtown Miami and the difficulty to find a parking. But you must make the reservation in advance.

For those who can’t attend the show, it’s possible to follow the event via the UMF TV channel in direct live or on radio.

In addition, there is an amazing business around the event with the sale of clothes (tee-shirt, short, trousers, cap…) identified by the UMF brand.

Finally, I invite you to look the website and consult the day-by-day and hour-by-hour countdown until the D Day of the next Ultra Music Festival.

See you in Miami :)

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