Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Rage Against the Machine

Rage against the machine called "RATM" or "rage" is one of the best American’s rock bands.
It’s composed of Tom Morello, the guitarist, Zack de la Rocha, the singer, Tim Commerford for the bass guitar and finally Brad Wilk for the drums and percussions .
At the beginning “rage” was a little band in Los Angeles in California, but gradually they made progress and created a new style of music between hip-hop, metal and funk.
Indeed they aren’t just terrific musicians: they’ve invented a new way of making music!
Their first success is the homonymous album: “Rage against the Machine” with for instance my favorite song “Killing in the Name”. It’s really the most representative song of their music. In this one, the guitarist plays heavy metal riffs and Tim Commerford has a jazz influence. Moreover the drummer Brad Wilk plays with rhythm funk and especially Zack de la Rocha sings very nervous and politically engaged lyrics.
As far as I’m concerned I think that “RATM” is one of the most important bands that fight to denounce the abuses of the leaders of our world but it’s also a band which offers true music with an original kind of rock that change of radio’s variety.
Consequently this is why you have to glance at Rage against the Machine, undoubtedly my favorite heavy metal band.
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