Sunday, 20 November 2011

How I met your mother

How I met your mother is an American series created in 2005 by Carter Bais and Craig Thomas. Today, there is 6 seasons of 24 episodes and they are shooting the season 7.

It tells the life of Ted Mosby, an architect who lives in New York City. Ted is telling to his kids how he met their mother. So, when he tells his story, it's in 2030, whereas the action happens in 2010. The main caracters are : Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen (Ted's best friend and roomate), Lily Aldrin (Marshall's girlfriend since the university), Barney Stinson (a friend of Ted) and Robin Scherbatsky (a Canadian who arrived at the beginning of the series).

Since the creation of the series, How I met your mother received 9 awards : 6 Emmy Awards, 2 People's Choice Awards and 1 Critics' Choice Television Award.

I think it's an amazing series because we laugh a lot and if you see it in english with subtitles like I did, you'll learn a lot of words and american expressions and after a time you'll can understand what they say because they don't speak with a huge accent !

This series is an humoristic series, so if you want to have some fun, I put the link where you'll can watch all the episodes in streaming !

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