Sunday, 25 December 2011


The serie wich I'm going to speak about is an English's serie created by Jamie Brittain and Bryan Elsley: this serie is Skins.

Skins talks about a group of teenagers living in Bristol and studying at Roundview College.

Skins has currently broadcast five series and the sixth season would normally go out on January 26, thanks to her popularity a Skins American adaptation was created by MTV and a movie is in production.

The characteristics of this serie is the casting of amateur and young actors, and skins replaces the cast every two series, when the characters end up high school, so there are three different generations of teenagers in this serie.
But a commmon feature of all these generations is to talk about teenagers' problems of today. Skins covers topics such as mental illness (including eating disorders), dysfunctional families, sexual orientation identity, drug addiction, and death revolving around teenagers.

I noticed that seasons don't have many episodes (about around ten in one season). The title of the series comes from the "Skins parties" and also in every episode we put ourself in the shoes of one of the main characters, as well, this allows us to see the character of a more intimate way and able to understand this character.

I really like this series because of its reality because the problems of these characters can also be ours, as well as its originality because the characters change every two seasons, and finally the scenery of England.

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